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GROUNDBREAKING, CULTURAL, VIBRANT – that’s Stuttgart. A city known for its inventive genius, experimental prowess and lively celebrations. Where pioneers and masterpieces, cultural sites and vineyards go hand in hand.

GROUNDBREAKING. In 1886 Gottlieb Daimler set new benchmarks world-wide in the field of mobility with his revolutionary invention: the automobile. Today, two impressive museums – the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Porsche Museum – pay tribute to this milestone of engineering history. At the former, visitors experience more than 135 years of automotive history and the story of the Mercedes-Benz brand, while at the latter they can trace the development of the famous Stuttgart sports car manufacturer. Pointing the way to the future: Stuttgart 21 is one of Europe’s most spectacular infrastructure projects – and it‘s right in the heart of the city. The exhibition in the InfoTurm-Stuttgart – the station tower – provides information on the rail project, with fascinating insights and outlooks.

CULTURAL. The 26-metre-high glass cube of the Stuttgart Museum of Art is a highlight, and not just from the outside. Inside, visitors can look forward to one of the world‘s most exceptional collections of the works of Otto Dix. The Stuttgart State Gallery is no less impressive – the extension designed by Sir James Stirling is today regarded as one of the most important examples of German Postmodern architecture. The Stuttgart State Theatres look back on a long tradition and thrill audiences each evening with outstanding performances in the three sectors of ballet, opera and drama. And with the Weissenhof Estate (1927) – the two houses designed by Le Corbusier are UNESCO World Heritage sites – and the Television Tower (1956), Stuttgart has written architectural history.

VIBRANT. A characteristic feature of Stuttgart are its vineyards. These are not confined to the hills around Baden-Württemberg’s state capital, but stretch right into the centre of town. The local wines delight the palate and are the ideal accompaniment to classic regional specialities such as „Herrgottsbscheißerle“ (as Swabians call the stuffed pasta pockets known as Maultaschen), or Zwiebelrostbraten – fried steak with onions. Another typical feature are the city’s many wine bars and the Besenwirtschaften – the traditional ‘broom taverns‘ run by winegrowers, open for only a few weeks each year. The seven Michelin-starred restaurants serve the finest gourmet cuisine. And the traditional festivals, such as the Stuttgart Wine Festival, the Stuttgart Beer Festival and the many Christmas markets, are the scene of lively celebrations.

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