A list of the equipment in use of the Laschat Research Group

An overview of equipment from the Laschat Research Group and other institutes of the University of Stuttgart:

Glove box MB150-GI from MBraun
Differential scanning calorimetry DSC822e from Mettler-Toledo
Enantiomer determination Finnigan Trace GC 2000 Ultra from Thermo Electron Corporation
GC Trace GC 2000 Ultra from Thermo Electron Corporation with a Optima-5-MS column (30 m, Ø = 0.25 mm) from Machery-Nagel
GC-MS Trace DSQ from Thermo Electron with a Optima-5-MS column (30 m, Ø = 0.25 mm) from Machery-Nagel
HPLC HPLC from Shimadzu
Ozone Generator Model 502 from Fischer
Polarimeter Polarimeter 241 from Perkin Elmer
Polarization microscope Olympus BX 50 from Olympus with a LTS 350 heating chamber from Linkam
Melting point SMP-20 from Büchi
UV/Vis spectrometer UV 160 from Shimadzu
X-Ray diffraction AXS Nanostar C from Bruker
Elemental analysis Elemental Analyzer Model 1106 from Carlo Erba Strumentazione
IR spectroscopy FT-IR Spectrometer Vektor22 from Bruker with a MKII Golden Gate Single Reflection Diamond ATR-System
Microwave CEM Explorer from CEM
Mass Spectromety

CI: MAT 711 from Varian
EI: MAT 95 from Finnigan
ESI: micrOTOFq from Bruker Daltonics

NMR Spectroscopy Avance 250, Avance 300 and Avance 500 from Bruker
X-Ray structure analysis P3- / P4-diffractometer from Nicolet with a graphite-monochromator and Mo-Kα- / Cu-Kα radiation
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