Overview of reasearch topics, lists of collaborators, financial supporters and used equipment

Research Topics


The asymmetric rhodium catalyzed 1,4-addition of arylboronic acids to α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds also known as Hayashi Miyaura reaction is an important...


Merocyanine compounds belong to the class of “push–pull” dyes and show multifunctional characteristics. Thus, their scope for application is ever increasing and they can be found in such widespread...

Liquid Crystals

The discovery of stable liquid crystalline phases formed by disk-shaped molecules with long alkyl chains in their periphery is generally dated to the seminal work of Chandrasekar...

Natural Products

Gephyronic acid is, due to its biological activity and structural similarity with tedanolid and myriaporon, an interesting target compound. It can be retrosynthetically separated...


We have a variety of cooperations with following institutes, organizations, universities and other research groups. A list of all collaborators of the Laschat Research Group.


We would like to thank all financial supporters of our working group's research. A list of all financial supporters of the Laschat Research Group .


Overview of the quipment of our group and further equiment at the University of Stuttgart. A list of the equipment in use of the Laschat Research Group.

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