Overview of reasearch topics, lists of collaborators, financial supporters and used equipment

Research Topics


Among the current and future challenges are the sustainable use of energy and resources, and thus efficient catalytic reactions are highly desirable. Chiral diene ligands offer a wide range of applications for...

Natural Products

Natural Products are produced by every living organism and are therefore ubiquitous in life. Each one has its own purpose, from structure-giving building blocks and metabolic intermediates to signaling and protection systems. Although their original purpose is...

Liquid Crystals

The liquid crystalline state has been heavily investigated over the last decades and countless applications employing liquid crystalline molecules have been established.[1] Among the most popular...


We have a variety of cooperations with following institutes, organizations, universities and other research groups. A list of all collaborators of the Laschat Research Group.


We would like to thank all financial supporters of our working group's research. A list of all financial supporters of the Laschat Research Group .


Overview of the quipment of our group and further equiment at the University of Stuttgart. A list of the equipment in use of the Laschat Research Group.

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